Model of Care

Susan is skilled in safe, gentle, natural childbirth and her care addresses both the physical and emotional needs of women as they progress through pregnancy and birth. As a midwife, Susan provides respectful, nurturing care. Susan offers the same comprehensive prenatal care as obstetricians. If at any time a woman presents with out side the range of normal symptoms, Susan consults with her back-up doctor or refers out to specialists. When a pregnant woman wishes to deliver out side the hospital she must continue to be low risk.

Prenatal visits are scheduled for up to 45 minutes which provides time for questions and also allows a strong, trusting relationship to develop during pregnancy. Prenatal care also includes:
  • Discussions about and suggestions for good nutrition
  • Respect for decisions made regarding medical tests, birth plans and personal/family beliefs
  • Encouragement to develop confidence in your body and natural childbirth
  • Information about pregnancy, medical tests and procedures, labor, birth, breastfeeding and newborn care

Prenatal Visits Schedule
Prenatal visits follow the below schedule:
  • Initial visit – getting to know each other
  • Every four weeks until 32 weeks
  • Every two weeks until 36 weeks
  • Weekly until delivery (more often if >1 week overdue
  • Visits include: weight check, blood pressure, urinalisis, fetal heart tones, fetal position and uterine measurement (to monitor fetal growth) Our visits last from 30-60 minutes. Please come with your list of questions.

Tests offered
Various well being screenings: prenatal panel (initial blood work-up), ultra sound (referred out), diabetes screen, group B screening and treatment if necessary

Labor and Birth
During labor and delivery, Susan supports the mother’s birth plan and decisions. Women have the freedom to include family members in their birth, move around, eat and drink and labor in whatever ways they are most comfortable. Susan also provides the following during labor and birth:
  • Assistance in coping with labor – encouragement, massage, position recommendations, relaxation techniques, etc
  • Experience in recognizing early warning signs of medical conditions that occasionally arise
  • Allows women to labor on their own – no routine procedures or timetables
  • Continuous caring, individualized support during the birthing process
  • Water Birth

Postpartum care begins right after the birth of your baby and includes:
  • Newborn exam and advice regarding newborn care
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Caring attention to mother
  • Optional in office visits for lactation support and/or mother support
  • 6 week well postpartum check and optional pap smear.

Susan practices under the “Midwives Model of Care” which is based primarily on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal processes of life. This care model is women-centered and has been proven to reduce birth injuries and medical intervention. You can read more about the Midwives Model of Care on the Citizens for Midwifery website.