Postpartum care of mother and baby begins right after the birth. Susan is licensed to work with your baby up to 14 days after birth, newborn visit's begin on day 2 to include: normal newborns tests such as the metabolic and CCHD screen, weight check and lip and tongue tie evaluation. In addition Susan highly recommends you take the time to interview and select a pediatrician before your baby is born, as she stresses the importance of having a second set of eyes on your child from the beginning.

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Postpartum care includes:

  • Newborn exam and advice regarding newborn care

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Caring attention to mother
  • Optional in office visits for lactation support and/or mother support beyond day 14
  • Six week postpartum check and optional pap smear

*The “Midwives Model of Care” is women-centered and has been proven to reduce birth injuries and medical intervention. You can read more about the Midwives Model of Care on the Citizens For Midwifery website.

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