Prenatal Visits

Prenatal visits are scheduled for up to 45 minutes providing time for questions and discussions focusing on education, collaboration, prevention, nutrition, psychology of birth, medical tests, birth plans, personal/family beliefs and newborn care. The longer visits allow time to develop a strong, trusting relationship with Susan and confidence in your body and natural childbirth. Please come to your visit with any questions you may have.

  • Prenatal Testing in Tacoma, Washington

Visits Include:

  • Weight check
  • Blood pressure
  • Urinalysis
  • Heart tones & baby's position
  • Uterine measurement (to monitor fetal growth)
  • An optional, non-invasive, non-diagnostic ultrasound for heartbeat detection and positioning.
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Prenatal visits schedule:

  • Initial visit: getting to know each other
  • Every four weeks until 32 weeks
  • Every two weeks until 36 weeks
  • Weekly until delivery (more often if >1 week overdue)
  • Midwife Services in Tacoma, Washington

Tests Offered

  • Prenatal panel (initial blood work-up)
  • Diagnostic ultra sound (referred out as necessary)
  • Genetic screening (referred out as necessary)
  • Gestational diabetes screen
  • Group B Strep screening and treatment if necessary