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Time off/wintering in Arizona (NOT RETIRED)

To my beloved repeat clients - Thank you for returning time and time again so I could share in your additions to your amazing families! Each time you left care, during your final post partum, I would say "make more babies we need more nice people" keep doing that! As for my schedule, I plan to winter in Arizona, November 2024 - May of 2025, I won't be taking on/managing clients during this time. As the summer approaches, If your due date falls in June 2025 through the fall of 2025 I'm available.

How would this work?

Kate would see you through the winter months until I return, I would then start seeing you in person for the remainder of your care and delivery. While I'm wintering I plan to hold a zoom meeting once per month to discuss all things pregnancy, answer any questions and help you connect with other women that have your same due month. Similar to centering pregnancy groups.

Clients new to me - See above explanation.

In addition, once I'm back in Washington, I plan to specialize in 3rd trimester transfers. What this means.....Example; maybe by the time you hit your 3rd trimester you've attended a childbirth education class or have had enough time to talk with other birth workers and you've realized you would rather be out side of the hospital. Transferring late in your pregnancy to another provider type is not uncommon. But this also means trying to find a midwife last minute. If you find yourself wanting to transfer care, lets talk!

Kate is here to stay, except the occasional vacations and /or weekends off. Contact her!