Thank you for being the incredible midwife that you are. Not only did you help bring my sweet baby into this world, but you also helped me get a positive birth experience that I prayed for. Every time I left an appointment I felt confident in myself and believed that I really could achieve the birth I desired. Thank you for all you do!

Leslie and family


There is not a "Thank you" card big enough for all the reasons I am thankful for you and how you have invested and taken care of my baby, me, and in turn my family. "Thank you" for not allowing me to accept that morning sickness would determine the first half or more of my pregnancy. "Thank you" for not letting me have the quick fix heartburn medication, but instead help me discover my gluten sensitivity. You have actually changed the quality of my life with this one...."WOW" "Thank you" for taking the time to detect my baby's tongue and lip ties. Without you these newborn days, our family dynamic, my marriage would look so different. We would have been a very sleep deprived, cranky family. Thank you for always having the desire to learn new things and in turn benefitting people like my self!



I can't thank you enough for the kindness and support you showed me throughout my pregnancy. From our meet and greet you made me feel important, seen and more than just a number on the BMI chart. Thank you for providing a place where not just me but all moms can feel welcome and safe. I will definitely be referring others and coming back to The Birthing Inn!

Tory S

"Susan is truly amazing. She's gentle when she needs to be and firm when she needs to be. She's very insightful and is very experienced. "



You have been an awesome gift in my life. Your gentleness, yet confidence with the heart of a lion is what's needed in your line of work. "A truly great midwife is hard to find...Difficult to part with, and Impossible to forget. That definitely describes you, Susan...Thank you for being one amazing gifted midwife!

Tatyana and Anthony


I feel so blessed to have met you and have you deliver two of my babies (I wish you delivered all five of them). Even though my deliveries were full of surprises, your confidence and calm attitude made me feel safe and in good hands. You always had my best interest at heart and knew what I needed without me having to ask. I am forever grateful for the experience I have had with you and for the calm home-like environment of my deliveries. Thank you Susan!”


“Thank you for the perfect birthing experience! I know you aren’t responsible for it all but without your calm willingness to let me deliver on my own terms; I wouldn’t have had such a beautiful birth. Thank you for taking such good care of me."



“Thank you so much for helping me learn how to feed my son…I truly am thankful for the bond he and I now have – that you helped me to build. We wouldn’t be in such a great place today without you and your grace! I am amazed by what you do!”

Megan and Tony

Dear Susan-

I just wanted to thank you for the loving care that you gave us at "The Birthing Inn" . You made me feel like I was in control of my body and how my labor would go. I am so grateful for the way you validated and empowered me!

Tania and Tim

Dear Susan-

Thank you for taking me as one of your clients, for being with me from beginning to the end, for your kind works of encouragement and wise advice. May God bless you, your family and your practice. If God gives my husband and I more children, we would love to come back and share the journey with you once more!