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Birth Matters, and I believe the way a child is brought into the world has an important impact on the rest of life and helping with that transition is an honor.

Midwifery in Puget Sound

Prenatal visits are scheduled for up to 45 minutes providing time for questions and discussions focusing on education, collaboration, prevention, nutrition, psychology of birth, medical tests, birth plans, personal/family beliefs and newborn care. The longer visits allow time to develop a strong, trusting relationship with Susan and confidence in your body and natural childbirth. Please come to your visit with any questions you may...


With Susan, labor and delivery takes place at The Birthing Inn. Susan and her assistants will act as guides; supporting and assisting with the implementation of the mother’s birth plan and decisions. You are welcome to include family members to attend your birth. Feel free to move about, eat and drink, and labor in whatever ways you are most comfortable.

Postpartum Services in Tacoma, Washington

Postpartum care of mother and baby begins right after the birth. Susan is licensed to work with your baby up to 14 days after birth, newborn visit's begin on day 2 to include: normal newborns tests such as the metabolic and CCHD screen, weight check and lip and tongue tie evaluation. In addition...