How does midwifery care work?

When you choose to work with All About Birth, LLC for an out-of-hospital birth, you do not need an OB/GYN as an additional provider. Clients accepted for care under All About Birth must be essentially healthy and their pregnancies considered normal and low risk. The "Midwives Model of Care" is designed to follow you throughout your pregnancy and helps you to remain low risk.

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What is considered high risk?

In a free-standing birth facility licensed by the state of Washington, the following instances are considered high-risk: breech, twins, diabetes, (diet-controlled gestational diabetes OK) preeclampsia, hypertension, and VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section). However, though not always appropriate, the above mentioned can be done in your own home.


Licensed Midwives have access to medications for the control of hemorrhage, perineal repair, shock and seizure as well as oxygen for resuscitation. Licensed Midwives do not have access to pain medication in labor, such as narcotics and epidural anesthesia.

Who is the backup doctor if I become high risk?

All About Birth's current back-up doctor is Dr. Steven Maynard with Rainier OB/GYN. When Dr Maynard is off call we may refer to the laborists at Tacoma General, an all female group.

How often do transfers occur and why?

If a transfer is indicated, it's usually because the baby is not tolerating labor well. We closely monitor the babies during each phase of labor and if the baby is not happy, we arrange for the back-up Doctor to take over care in the hospital.

If a transfer is needed during  labor where do I go?

Tacoma General or St. Joseph's and occasionally St. Elizabeth's in Enumclaw. Transfers are by private vehicle or in some cases an ambulance may be arranged for transport.

Does my health insurance plan cover midwifery services?

Yes most do. For more details, visit Investment