How Does Midwifery Care Work?

When you choose to work with a midwife for an out-of-hospital birth you do not need an ob/gyn. If you are a low risk healthy woman (good general health) you qualify. Prenatal care is designed to follow you throughout your pregnancy to be sure you remain low risk. See what to expect with your prenatal appointments here

Associate Midwife and time off

In order for Susan to have time off, continue her education and/or sleep after a night of birth. All about birth has an associate midwife, currently Hannah. Hannah will pick up the care when I'm not there by stepping in for your prenatal appointment, labor, birth, or postpartum care. You will meet Hannah a few times throughout your pregnancy and she will know your story.

Hannah also has her own primary clients. If you are interested in working with Hannah, let my receptionist know.

Does my health insurance plan cover midwifery

Yes most do....you should always inquire with your plan you can give the representative my NPI # and Tax when you inquire with your plan give the

If Insurance does not cover what is the cost?

What is considered high risk?

Breech, twins, diabetes, (diet controlled gestational diabetes OK) preeclampsia, hypertension. These are the main ones

Who is the backup doctor if I become high risk?

If a transfer is needed during  labor where do I go?

How often do transfers occur and why?