How does the shared practice work?

In order to give you the attention and care you deserve, All About Birth Midwifery provides a shared practice approach.

During your prenatal care, your in-person appointments will alternate between Kate Wild and Hannah Hulsey. During your Labor and Delivery, both midwives will attend, one in a primary Midwife role and the other as a support/assistant role.

Your primary Midwife will be your main point of contact and admit you upon arrival to The Birthing Inn. The support/assistant midwife will be called in by the primary midwife during the transition phase. Both midwives will be with you during labor and immediately post partum. The support/assistant midwife will take over primary post partum care after the golden hour has passed.

The schedule of who acts as primary or support will depend on the call schedule arranged during your birth month.

*Do keep in mind, our intention is to have the above mentioned scenario occur at your birth, however birth and life can be very unpredictable, be assured we will always have you covered.